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"Educating Artists?"

November 8-9 2013

Organized by Gnyp Art, in close collaboration 
with KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the 
Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, De Ateliers 
and supported by the Dutch embassy in Berlin.

Location: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin

Speakers include Jennifer Allen, Kirsty Bell, 
Ariane Beyn, Dominic van den Boogerd, Angela 
Bulloch, AA Bronson, Els van Odijk, Karin Sander, 
Bojan Sarcevic Willem de Rooij and many others.

"Educating Artists?" is a two-day symposium 
addressing recent developments in artist 
education. Discussing different educational 
models, the relationship between artist, tutor & 
student, between theory and skills, while 
approaching the subject from an 'outside' and 
'inside'-perspective, the symposium attempts to 
reach for new and alternative methods in artist 

In Berlin the question on whether the city needs 
a new art academy has caused a vigorous debate; 
in Amsterdam the two leading artist training 
institutions, the Rijksakademie and De Ateliers, 
have faced dramatic subsidy cuts. Meanwhile 
residency programs DAAD and De Ateliers both 
celebrate their 50th birthday this year and new 
educational models like Autocenter's Summer 
Academy and UdK's Institut für Raumexperimente 
are offering alternative programs. In light of 
the growing discussion, the symposium offers a 
creative platform to reflect upon these current 
educational developments.

The symposium is divided into four panels spread 
over two days, each day concluded with a 
specifically arranged performance. Questions that 
will be addressed are: In what way do structural 
hierarchies in education systems influence the 
relation between tutor and student? How do 
educational institutions respond to the increased 
professionalization of the job of the artist? How 
is the quest for alternative models symptomatic 
for broader transformations in education/culture? 
How do theory and practice come together in 
artist education? In which way does the academy 
or the post-academic institution partake in the 
contemporary art world?

In an attempt to offer an alternative perspective 
on the topic of artist education, Feiko Beckers 
('83, NL) and Rory Pilgrim ('88, UK) were asked 
to respond to this subject through their artistic 
practice and experience. Their performances will 
take place respectively on Friday 8 and Saturday 

For the full symposium program, please visit 

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