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From Monument to Market:
Video Art and Public Space 
The inauguration of 

The WRO Art Center
ul. Widok 7
50-052 Wroc½aw, Poland


WRO is pleased to announce the launch of a new 
online resource dedicated to presenting its 
thematic collections and multimedia publications 
that are no longer available in physical form. 

In 2005 the WRO Art Center published the first in 
a series of historical reviews of selected 
subjects in Polish media art: From Monument to 
Market: Video Art and Public Space. Several 
subsequent WRO publications (including Józef 
Robakowski's 2007 monograph Energetic Images: 
Bio-mechanical Recordings and The Hidden Decade: 
Polish Video Art 1985-1995, which came out in 
2010) have appeared in a similar format, 
featuring articles on theoretical and historical 
topics in book form, accompanied by a set of DVDs 
offering an extensive curatorial selections of 
video works. The objective has been to present 
rarely seen video art works in their historical 
contexts and make them available both to 
specialists and to the general public.

In the original publication of From Monument to 
Market, Dieter Daniels wrote: "The distribution 
of media art is in a paradoxical situation: Works 
of art created in electronic-media formats make 
only limited use of the extraordinary potential 
for dissemination that is inherent to those 

That paradox is something the initial offering 
aims to resolve: The online version of From 
Monument to Market takes full advantage of the 
potentials of internet distribution, presenting 
nearly the entire content of the original 
hard-copy publication, and enhancing it with 
additional materials and updates. 

WRO owns the largest collection of media art in 
Poland. Continuously updated since 1989, it holds 
both Polish and international works, including 
video art, recordings and documentation of audio 
visual performances, multimedia objects, 
interactive installations and internet projects. 
In the coming months, 
will also present video materials from two of 
WRO's EU projects-Artist Talk and DCA: Digitizing 
Contemporary Art-as well as the video catalog of 
the exhibition AC/DC/IT: A Short History of Video 
Installations and forthcoming publications from 
the series WIDOK: The WRO Media Art Reader.

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