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>Von:	chi K11 art space <chi_sh at k11concepts.com>
>Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Money - Art After Social Media Era
>Shanghai K11 Art Mall, is kicking off its new media art exhibition with
>the theme of "Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Money". The two-month
>exhibition, which starts on the 25 May, is part of the opening event of
>the art mall that will take place in late June. Put together by renowned
>independent curator Li Zhenhua, the art exhibition has attracted
>top-tier artists both at home and abroad, including Ryoji Ikeda, one of
>the most important micro electro-acoustic artists, who will premiere an
>audiovisual performance on the very unique waterfall screen in the mall.
>The exhibition, combining virtual experience and reality, will offer 
>the public a fantastic journey through culture, creativity, art and 
>chi K11 art space is destined to communication, interaction and display
>of art. Free exhibitions, workshops and lecturers are held regularly to
>connect art with the general public.

>Knowledge & Intervention Symposium
>Keynote by Stephen Kovats
>Keynote by Siegfried Zielinski

>Curator	Li Zhenhua
>Li Zhenhua is a multi-media artist, curator and producer. He has worked
>with Chinese as well as international contemporary art and culture since
>1996. Among the highlights of his productions: the first international
>new media art festival MAAP, Beijing Millennium Museum in 2002, as well
>as bringing the London festival onedotzero moving image to the Beijing
>Today Art Museum in 2004. Li Zhenhua was project manager and producer of
>the Synthetic Time: Media Art China 2008 at NAMOC (National Art Museum
>of China), curator for the CINA CINA CINA exhibition in CCCS Palazzo
>Strozzi, Florence, Italy and of the 3rd Nanjing Triennial and also
>functioned as an advisor to Leonardo Journal. Jury for Fantoche (2012)
>CCAA (2012) CIFF (2012), Transmediale (2010).

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