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To coincide with ISEA2013, RealTime-Australia's 
leading interdisciplinary art magazine-has 
uploaded its complete archive of media articles 
from 1994 to the present covering both Australian 
and International media arts practice.


"If media art was developing a public face during 
the 1990s, RealTime's OnScreen supplement traced 
its physiognomy from juvenilia and youth through 
to maturityŠRealTime's archive is a sedimentary 
record of media art's dramatic search for its 
place, the recognition of its orthodoxy as a sign 
of the times and its inevitable blending into the 
"national arts" culture. And finally its coming 
of age as an established, self-reflexive medium, 
notably through the writing of its own historical 
introductory essay by Dr Darren Tofts

Articles have been indexed into a range of categories for easy browsing.

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The establishment of the RealTime Media Archive 
has been supported by ISEA2013 and the College of 
Fine Arts (COFA) University of NSW.


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