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	 warfare, empire, government expansion, resources exploitation,
	ecological exhaustion, consumption and the manufacture of needs

         spirit, appetite, faith, emotion, intuition, will, experience...

	D E A D - A R T I S T   D E S E R T   T R A I L E R - P A R K

		      offers scholarships and studio-space
		 	   for qualifying applicants
	     	      contact: bbrace at netcom.com for info


		T h e   n i g h t   h a s   b e e n   d e m o l i s h e d ,

	 b u t   t h e   d e s e r t   p r e v a i l s .


  As time goes by, it is the established patterns of thought, the known
arguments, the self-perpetuating truths which become the principal
defenders of the structures in place. ..The active vocabulary needed to
question, even to simply discuss them, has withered away.

	| The Dead-Artist Desert Trailer-Park is located in the American
	| Southwest Desert. I basically inherited (after paying back-taxes)
	| an isolated, derelict trailer-park which is being
	| transformed without the interference  of cultural bureaucrats
	| into a working resource for creative pursuits. The financial
	| overhead is practically non-existent; creative applicants are
	| told the location of the Trailer-Park and given written permission
	| to abide there. Usually some structural and creative contribution
	| is made to the Park during your stay. No application fees, slides,
	| references, or resumes are required or desired. A questionnaire is
	| sent to all applicants. The current residents will invite new
	| PERUSED NOW; an electronic response is preferred.

only the artists capable of dragging the mystic power out of themselves
seem able to work productively within the breakdown of our society...

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