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Made in Mind


Art and Theory Publishing and Marta Gnyp are 
pleased to invite you to the launch of the book 
Made in Mind: Myths and Realities of the 
Contemporary Artist on the 11th of April at Salon 
Dahlmann in Berlin. This book analyzes the 
fascinating phenomena that have influenced and 
shaped the context in which contemporary artists 
produce their artworks and present them to the 
public and collectors. In exclusive and personal 
interviews, several prominent contemporary 
artists have reflected on the situation of 
artists today, talking about their private 
motivations and ambitions, about art in general 
and their art in particular. In her introductory 
talk, Marta Gnyp will discuss the changing 
position of the contemporary artist, the 
traditions underpinning his role, and a few 
strategies that the artist has employed then and 

The following artists included in the book will 
be present for personal and open conversations: 
Valérie Favre (Berlin), Michael Kunze (Berlin), 
Gabriel Lester (Amsterdam), Stefan Ruitenbeek 
(Berlin), Ulay (Amsterdam, Ljubljana), and Artur 
Zmijewski (Warsaw).

At the book launch you will also have 
the opportunity to meet Annika Wik, co-editor of 
the book Imagining the Audience: Viewing 
Positions in Curatorial and Artistic Practice. 
This book focuses on the role that notions 
regarding the audience play in artistic and 
curatorial practice, in the development of 
concepts and ideas, as well as in the actual 
production of artworks and exhibitions. It is an 
attempt at circumscribing an approach to the 
audience within contemporary art that differs 
from audience education and communication-which 
are both processes that start after the 
production stage-rather highlighting the 
experience of the individual viewer, which the 
artist and the curator carry with them throughout 
the creative process. Imagining the Audience: 
Viewing Positions in Curatorial and Artistic 
Practice is a collaboration between the Swedish 
Exhibition Agency and Mobile Art Production.

Made in Mind and Imagining the Audience are 
published by Art and Theory, a publishing house 
dedicated to contemporary art, photography and 
aesthetics. The focus lies on publishing quality 
books within different fields of art and 
aesthetics and on creating a forum for the 
meeting of aesthetics and art. Made in Mind and 
Imagining the Audience are available at selected 
bookstores and on amazon.com.

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