[artinfo] Data as Culture - call for Data Art proposals

julie freeman julie at translatingnature.org
Sun Oct 28 10:53:24 CET 2012

Data-Driven Art proposals invited by Tim Berners-Lee's new Open Data Institute.

One of the ODI's goals is to showcase the 
possibilities of open data and we aim to 
highlight the wide-ranging potential for this 
emerging field. Proposals are sought for all 
forms of data-driven art, including: screen, 
wall, or ceiling based, free-standing, roaming, 
interactive, site-specific, permanent or 
temporary. We are looking for time-based or 
kinetic works but all data-generated work will be 
accepted for review.

The work should, in some way, incorporate or 
reflect the ODI's focus on getting value from 
data: social, economic, and/or environmental. 
Data can be real-time or static, collected from 
personal or local sensors (e.g. heart-rate, 
movement, transport systems) or online global 
sources (e.g. stock market, air pollution, 
population demographics).

We are interested in work that represents change, 
movement, and fluctuation in data in innovative 
ways, abstractly or literally.

We aim to engage at least 5 artists:

	* Existing or adapted works will be awarded £1,000
	* New commissions will receive up to £3,000

The application deadline is very soon - SUNDAY 
28th OCTOBER, (with delivery by end of November) 
however the application requirements are fairly 

Further details here: http://www.mztek.org/odi-data-art-commission/

julie at translatingnature.org

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