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> Macao is a present from a better tomorrow
> Since Saturday, May 5, 2012, in Milan the city is being reinvented: in a friendly takeover, inhabitants and art workers have entered the skyscraper Torre Galfa and opened Macao,
> the new
>        center for art and culture in Milan. The historic high-rise
>        office building is
>        owned by Fondiaria Sai Group, and has stood empty for fifteen
>        years. 
> Thousands of people are participating in the opening of Macao, in an exceptional and transverse way, appropriating and repairing the spaces, making the new center visible and lively. 
> Every day is an experience of exchange of common intentions and
>        visions. The occupiers are working to develop an innovative
>        perspective for the
>        creation of an art and culture center for Milan.
> Macao has already received a flood of inquiries and proposals: academies, universities and intellectuals want to cooperate. Everyone brings knowledge and abilities, 
> offering means of
>        production, relocating entire courses and workshops to Macao,
>        with the aim of
>        making it a driving force of creativity, the common weal and
>        free expression
>        for all. 
> Amazed and excited by what is happening, we are witnessing a
>        process of invention and participation that opens up new
>        perspectives for
>        action, and for rethinking culture.
> The emptiness of the tower was like a symbol of the widespread crisis, beyond economics, of a system that finds no positive use for spatial resources; and of politics, 
> which has no
>        answer to the crisis because it is part of the problem. Instead
>        of waiting for
>        top-down solutions, the occupiers have taken the fate of these
>        spaces into
>        their own hands,
> thus making a precious gift to the city.
> Contrary to mainstream thinking, in times of crisis culture is anything but a superfluous, marginal issue. 
> We
>        believe Macao can help to develop a new way of thinking about
>        power structures
>        and a different understanding of the time of life, with energy,
>        resolve and
>        stamina.
> All this is contagious!
> But let's not kid ourselves: this cultural laboratory is endangered and already threatened with eviction. 
> We
>        mustn’t allow this positive process to be stopped by misguided
>        application of
>        policies of law & order and political repression disguised
>        as civic
>        mindedness.
> We strenuously support this constituent practice and request the political actors and the public in Milan to voice their support as well, 
> to actively back the occupation - and to put a
>        halt to the announced eviction.
> Gerald Raunig, philosopher, European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies, Vienna-Zürich
> Christoph Schäfer, artist, Park Fiction, Hamburg
> Margit Censki, artist and filmmaker, Park Fiction, Hamburg
> Bert Theis, artists and curator, Isola Art Center, Milan
> Steve Piccolo, artist and musician, Isola Art Center, Milan
> Oliver Ressler, artist and filmmaker, Vienna
> Dan Perjovschi, artist and journalist, Bucharest
> Nomeda Urbonas, artist, Pro-test Lab, Vilnius
> Gediminas Urbonas, artist and professor at MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology, Cambridge
> Andreas Lang, public works, London 
> ...
> ...
> ...
> to sign the petition, please send an e-mail to bert.theis at fastwebnet.it_______________________________________________

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