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Sign Out Video Art

"Video Art Event" - third edition,

We invite you to take part in the third edition of the Video Art Event with
experimental video works. The event will take place on 16-17-18 May 2012 in
Oradea (Nagyvárad), Romania. Both professional artists and students at the
faculties of art worldwide can participate.
The theme of the current edition:  *SIGN OUT  *

"Sign out",  "Esci" or "Deconnexion"  is a syntagm used by the
technological language of the virtual world and represents the possibility
that the individual accesses to leave any kind of system he is placed into.

This leads to an indirect relation between the virtual and real world whose
content includes sophisticated nuances, attitudinal positions, differences
of opinion leading to de-fragmentation, di-vision, re-composing, re-vision,
re-shaping, re-thinking.

   1.  Through extension, we may consider the possibility of this accession
   as a personal option not to participate anymore to the different contextual
   formulas imposed by the limits of the standard parameters traced by the
   systems of social organization.
   2.  The virtual worldgives the possibility to maximumly exploit the
   individual's creative abilities and the most conclusive argument hereby is
   mainly the individual's possible freedom to give up to this cyberspace at
   any moment.
   3.  The virtual space becomes a space where eluding the control
   exercised by any kind of system becomes the main challenge of the European
   man. Ample phenomena show that the virtual world cannot be fully controlled
   and thus there is hope for freedom in the real world too.
   4.  Revealing anonymously top secret information (see WikiLeaks) as well
   as the apparition of social networks (Facebook, My space) is achieved
   through these virtual parallel worlds responsive to the individual's needs
   and fragility against the violence exercised by dishumanizing, hostile
   5. In a world where each individual identifies himself to a certain
   extent with mister K (Kafka - The Castle), where overstandardized systems
   invaded by ossified proceedings which, in some cases, have retrograde
   effects upon the individuals because they are not adapted to the real
   necessities of the socities, there appears on the horizon a door with a
   'prophetic' sign on it: "sign out"

Accessing this syntagm from an artistic point of view takes into
consideration the freedom of the media creative individual. The aim is to
influence the evolution and adjustement of disfunctional systems of
organization in various social-cultural-political fields and last but not
last, to humanize a contingent reality by paradoxically using an instrument
offered by a virtual reality.
*University of Oradea, Faculty of
Muzeul *Ţării Crişurilor* <http://www.mtariicrisurilor.ro/> ("*Museum* of
the Three Rivers Land")
*Visualcontainer <http://www.visualcontainer.org/>, Milano *
The Austrian *Cultural Forum, Bucharest* <http://www.austriacult-bucuresti.ro/>
*Special guest:*
Prof. Dr. habil,  *Oliver Grau *from* *Danube University Krems,  Faculty of
Education, Arts and Architecture, Center for image Science

The maximum duration of the films: 5 minutes
Maximum 3 videos belonging to each artist will be selected.
Will be accepted only video with the format specified in Authorization Form
(see below)

Video Specification<http://vizual.arte-oradea.ro/info/documente/VIDEO_specification.pdf>
Authorisation Form<http://vizual.arte-oradea.ro/info/documente/AUTHORIZATION_FORM.doc>
*D**eadline:*  29 april 2012  (post stamped)
*Adress:* Str. Milcovului Nr. 6, Bloc Pb 7 Ap 2 , postal code 410 389,
Oradea , Jud. Bihor, Romania
The works will be sent in digital format (DVD) together with a
completed  Authorisation
Form <http://vizual.arte-oradea.ro/info/documente/AUTHORIZATION_FORM.doc>  and
all the other documents mentioned in the form until 29 April 2012.
*Address :* Gavrilas Gabriela Diana, Str.  Milcovului  Nr. 6,  Bloc Pb 7 Ap
2 , zip code  410 389,  city  Oradea ,  Jud. Bihor
information phone nr.  004 0726 599 272
e-mail: diana_gavrilas at yahoo.it
teofilstiop at yahoo.com

Sign Out Video Art

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