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In case you know some people that can be interested in this, please
forward. The deadline is in two days, but they are still looking for good
applicants so it shouldn't be a huge problem.


Application deadline: July 4th 2012

Additional information: www.sandberg.nl www.bikvanderpol.net

“There is an increasing crisis in public space; cultural education has
never been so close yet so far removed from cultural production. It has
fallen far behind more generative forces for the perception of culture,
such as politics and the economy. Education and learning need to reclaim
their territory as they provide a means to participate in politics and a
force for creating forms of political socialization.” — Bik Van der Pol,
course director

Urgency The collective public space of discourse requires certain
conditions in order to be able to critically explore the ethics and
aesthetics of the potential of art in relation to the public, the public
good, and the public space. Taking the notion of ‘school’as a thinking
model, understanding education and learning as a space of experience and
deploying education as a strategy for emancipation, the School of Missing
Studies is a research model for the realization of missing studies, a
platform for meetings and experimental learning.

Course Understanding education as a‘place of practice’, our aim is to
develop, disclose, and articulate (artistic) work in dialogue with
practices developed in other fields of knowledge and to explore if and
where art produces a public sphere. The process of doing, and learning how
to continuously form society on a day-to-day basis, is a form of
(self)education where dialogue is a major mode of transfer. In order to
increase opportunities for diversification, the School of Missing Studies
explores the potential of the dialogical model, understood as much more
than an exchange, namely a constant negotiation of knowledge between

Students We welcome a maximum of 12 students from varied backgrounds
including arts, design, architecture, and social and urban sciences, with a
clear interest in the world around them, who are eager to critically
address urgent issues of collectivity and public space, and who have
already developed a solid basis through their practice. Students who
successfully complete the Master’s degree programme will be awarded either
a Master’s degree in Fine Art (MFA) or a Master of Design (MDes) degree,
according to which is more applicable. For information about the admission
requirements, application process and selection criteria, please see here.
Last application date: June 20, 2012 (start of programme september 2012).

Bik Van der Pol The artistic practice of Bik Van der Pol is collective;
leaving the studio as a place of production and using the artistic
workplace itself — practice — as the location for research and production.
This is a conscious political and artistic choice, and also sets the
conditions for a practice and a (social) space, generated by dialogue and
collaboration where an encounter may happen that might result in a work of
art. www.bikvanderpol.net

School of Missing Studies The title of the programme is taken from the
School of Missing Studies, a project initiated by Bik Van der Pol in 2003,
in collaboration with artists, thinkers, and architects. The programme is
seeking / experimenting / causing new modes of operandi for the production
of knowledge and looking to find ways of applying these as education in the
form of artistic practice. When understood as a means for forming and
transferring knowledge, this can open up new ways for understanding in

Sandberg Instituut The Sandberg Instituut responsible for the
Masters’programs of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam has the aim
to prepare her talented artists for the outside world at the highest level.
To do so Sandberg Instituut focuses on the individual talents and needs of
her artists. In the Masters’programmes the individual artistic research and
artistic growth has priority, although different angles are presented and
artists are also seduced to step outside their primarily chosen artistic
path. Be realistic, demand the impossible School of Missing Studies

Attention: unfortunately, because of formal deadlines passed, it is not
possible to apply in this round for NON-EU residents out of MVV countries
with special visa requirements! check at www.sandberg.nl/sandberg_visa.


mobile - +36302607540
skype - Sari Stenczer

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