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Dear all,

Sorry for crossposting. Meteo Press are proud to announce the birth of TACET, a new bilingual (French/English) experimental music review. This issue is dedicated to John Cage. You can download Matthieu Saladin's introduction here and consult a few pages here.
If you are interested, a paypal service is available on our website : www.tacet.eu

Kind regards,
Matthieu Saladin

TACET – experimental music review
issue 1 : Who is John Cage?

ISBN : 978-2-9539516-0-8 · ISSN : 2256 - 9006 · 532 pages
format : 160 x 230 mm | B&W · languages : English, French
december 2011

Issue edited by:
Matthieu SALADIN – IDEAT (Université Paris I - CNRS),
le Quai – école supérieure d'art de Mulhouse

« Who is John Cage ? » On the occasion of the centenary of the composer's birth, this edition of TACET opens an investigation across a group of texts by researchers and musicians. It aims to revive essential problems that underlie Cage's oeuvre, but which continue to be profoundly at work in experimental music today.

TACET is a new research publication dedicated to experimental music. Published annually and bilingually (French, English), its ambition is to create an interdisciplinary and international space of rflection for this music, in all its aesthetic diversity.
TACET aims, on the side of experimental music, to contribute to the renewal of theoretical research by confronting and intersecting musicians'
speeches, studies coming from aesthetics and philosophy of art, from the critical renewal of musicology, from cultural studies and gender studies, from political thought, from social sciences and geography.
Matthieu SALADIN, Introduction. John Cage tested by a few
"field situations"

In search of John Cage
Philip GENTRY, The Cultural Politics of 4’33”: Identity and Sexuality
Sarah TROCHE, Cage as Frankenstein: Monstrosity and
Indeterminacy of Performance
Jean-Yves BOSSEUR, The Question of Cage’s Legacy

Thinking the silence
Xabier ERKIZIA, Listening To Our Own Deafness
Seth KIM-COHEN, I Have Something To Say, But I’m Not Saying It
Michael PISARO, Nicht alles, nicht nichts : etwas. The opposing
tensions of John Cage’s 0’00’’ and Roaratorio

Conceptual Music : Cage, below & beyond
Sophie STÉVANCE, John Cage Tunes Into the Redefinition of
the Musical Field by Marcel Duchamp and the Emergence
of a Conceptual Music
MATTIN, Cage as a Cage : Towards Conceptual Improvisation
John CAGE, A Composer’s Confessions
John Cage’s Library Reconstructed Through His Sayings and Writings
Matthieu SALADIN, The Fetish Character in Experimental Music
Radu MALFATTI, The Difference Between a Sea and a River is:
Two Consistencies of Different Kinds
Toshiya TSUNODA, Field Recording and Experimental Music Scene
Jérôme NOETINGER, Aus den Sieben Tagen by Karlheinz Stockhausen

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