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Feature: Riding the Cultural Tsunami
'The underlying problem with many of the radical changes to the structure and personnel of Hungarian cultural institutions is that they will be very difficult to reverse. Appointing an unsuitable person to the leadership of a major art institution has a direct influence on what is shown and the overall profile of the venue, and while it can take years to build up the international reputation of a theatre or gallery, its precious stock of symbolic capital can evaporate in a moment.' http://www.translocal.org/reviewsindex.html

Preview: Cluj Art Scene in the Spotlight (Mucsarnok > July 1)
'The mysterious combination of external conditions, good timing and the X factor of artistic genius in the success of Cluj as a global art brand is something that many would love to copy, or at least understand, and this timely exhibition at Budapest’s Műcsarnok may even provide some answers.' 

Review: Eszter Sipos: How far can you go? (Viltin Galeria > April 21)****
There’s something instantly likeable about the painting of Eszter Sipos, which in a cascade of bright colours, geometric shapes and mediatised images manages to simultaneously press a whole range of contemporary buttons.' 

Review: Hajnal Miklós and Anikó Basa (Molnár Ani Galéria > May 4)****
The intimate space of the Molnár Ani Gallery provides a persuasive setting for this double solo show by two woman artists whose work, as announced by the exhibition title, offers a ‘meeting point of different nervous systems.’ 

Review: Radiospective - Nuclear Art (Studio Galéria >  April 19)***
'Radiospective deliberately offers neither a systematic critique of the dangers of nuclear power, nor a propagandistic endorsement of its benefits, but rather a wide range of artistic responses that range from heartfelt post-conceptual actions to flippant visual puns.' 

Review: János Megyik (Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art >June 10)***
'The current show in Budapest’s only museum dedicated to contemporary art is a career retrospective of a Kossuth Prize-winning artist, architect and designer born before the Second World War.  János Megyik’s oeuvre is resolutely dominated by projective geometry and the exhibition features countless examples of his trademark 3D spatial modelling.' 

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