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Feature: Leopold Bloom Award 
'If you know your Joyce, then the witty title of Hungary’s newest contemporary art award makes perfect sense. Leopold Bloom, the fictional main character of the great novel Ulysses, was the son of a Hungarian Jew from Szombathely who emigrated to Ireland, cleverly symbolising the idea of Hungarian-Irish connections along with the values of paradigm-shifting art and cosmopolitanism.'

Review: Still Life in Bottles E100 to E199 (Holdudvár Galéria)
'Food colourings as a theme are well-suited to artistic treatment, and the artists set out to cover the whole colour circle, providing at the same time a guide to the notorious E number codes. During the course of their artistic research, they discovered that the brightest colours are to be found in 24 hour corner shops in housing estates, although most school canteens also cover most of the visual spectrum.'

Review: Fresh 2011 (Kogart)
'Based on a lightly curated selection of Academy diploma works, the exhibition follows the commercially sound logic of identifying "the most promising, yet to be discovered artists" and setting them on the path to career success within the private gallery scene.'

Review: The Age of Hungarian Silent Film (Műcsarnok)
'This low key and unspectacular collection of images requires a sympathetic attitude from the viewer, although with a bit of imagination these grainy stills may have the power to teleport you into the otherness of the flickering world of Hungarian silent film.'

In the Studio: Marta Kucsora
'The title of my exhibition is Fluidum. I have chosen that word to convey the idea that each picture was born of a fluidic, alternative technique of my own invention. The word also has an alternate meaning: it means an invisible spiritual stream.'   

Art Editors: Maja & Reuben Fowkes
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