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The Instituto Sacatar is pleased to announce its continued partnership 
with the UNESCO/Aschberg Bursary Programme. Through this programme, 
artists receive airfare, studio, room and board at the artist residency 
administered by the Instituto Sacatar, located on the island of 
Itaparica in Bahia, Brazil: www.sacatar.org.

Applicants to the UNESCO/Aschberg bursaries must be

* between the ages of 25 and 35 at the time of application;
* born and living in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Russia and/or the 
former socialist republics, Australia, New Zealand and/or the Pacific 

Artists may submit applications in the following disciplines:

* Visual Arts (including performance, photography, handicrafts, 
architecture, etc.)
* Music and Music Composition
* Creative Writing (in any language)

Three UNESCO/Aschberg bursaries will be awarded for either of the 
following eight-week residency sessions:

* 9 April – 4 June 2012
* 18 June – 14 August 2012

There is no application fee for the UNESCO/Aschberg bursaries. 
Applications should be made electronically through 
www.artsapp.com/sacatar. If you live in a country where the internet is 
insufficient to send electronic files, you may send applications in hard 
copy through international air mail. Applications sent by international 
air mail must arrive on or before 14 November 2011 at the following 

Sacatar Foundation
P.O. Box 2612
Pasadena, California 91102-2612
United States of America

The application deadline for the UNESCO/Aschberg bursaries will be 14 
November 2011, for both electronic and hard copy submissions. We will be 
unable to process applications received after that date.

In its own open application process, the Instituto Sacatar will evaluate 
applications in all creative disciplines and from artists of all ages 
and of all nationalities. The deadline for these submissions will be 16 
January 2012. The artists selected through this application process will 
receive airfare, studio, room and board for eight-week residency 
sessions throughout 2012 and 2013.

Full details regarding both the UNESCO/Aschberg Bursay Programme and 
Sacatar’s own open selection process can be found at www.sacatar.org.

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