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Main Feature: Missing Paragraph - 1.§ Hungary shall be a Republic
'The bare brick walls of the Mucius Galéria provide the setting for this unusual solo show by László Rajk, an architect and designer whose oppositional activities in the 1980s helped bring down the communist regime. His canvases are based on the same concept as the more mobile protest flags, to highlight the absence of key paragraphs from the new legal framework, with the missing sections made visible using a technique of rubbing or frottage.'

Review: Yona Friedman -Architecture without building, Ludwig Museum
'This major show at the Ludwig is an opportunity to claim another member of the wandering international avant-garde for Hungary, while also testing the possibilities of the museum space to its limits.'

Review: Agnes von Uray, Inda Galéria
'The show, which is entitled ‘I write, she writes, we write’, takes as its starting point a collection of diary entries made by the artist’s Great Grandmother, starting with her birth in 1965 and continuing till 1980.'

Review: Man, Myth and the Machine, Deák Erika Galéria
'The unambiguous theme of this group show of four international painters is man’s relationship to both mythology, on the lines of the exploits of macho Herculean heroes, and to the machine, which men sometimes use to ‘call down destruction and pain on their enemies.’

Review: Undefined Relations, Demo Galéria
'This thought provoking show at Demo, the forward-looking gallery of the Fogasház - a squat-like alternative cultural centre based in a former dental clinic, deals with the mixed feelings of city dwellers towards the countryside.'

Review: Vizijó, Stúdió Galéria
'Water provides a way in to the secretive and personal worlds explored by three young women artists, and also a meaningful pun in the Hungarian title of the show, as the ‘viz’ in ‘vision’ is water.'

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