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Call for Papers


Arts and Social Justice:
The Media Connection 


20-23 October 2011 

  of Nicosia, Cyprus

are proud to announce that the Department
of Communications in conjunction with the Mass Media and Communications
Institute at The University of Nicosia will be hosting The 2011 Arts and
Social Justice Conference which will be held from 20-23 October 2011 at the University
of Nicosia. The title of this year’s conference is Arts and Social Justice: The Media Connection. The ASJ is a well
established international conference based on arts, expression and citizen
activism and its various mediated forms of representation. ASJ has ties to the
World Social Forum, also held annually at the same time as the Davos Economic
Forum and conceived as one of its counterweights. In 2010, the ASJ conference
was held in Durban, South Africa, with such luminaries as Albie Sachs and Rajmohan Ghandi among the plenary speakers and key presentations from William Cleveland, Mike van Graan,
and Angelina Kamba. 


the 2011 conference, we expect about 200 - 300 delegates from all over the
world – artists, academics, activists. Special emphasis will be put on the
media and how they can and do influence societies at large to take on greater
responsibilities in making this world a just place to live. There will be three


1.       Arts, Media and Advocacy 

2.       Media, Culture and Identity 

3.       Arts, Cultural Diversity and Conflict Resolution

the first strand will give the opportunity to analyze citizen media production
and how, as in the recent cases of Tunisia, Egypt and other Arab countries,
this has contributed to giving a forceful voice to formerly disenfranchised
groups. At present, confirmed keynote speakers are Frank Webster, Stephanos Stephanides
and Neshe Yashin, but others will be
added as we draw closer to the date. Also, the conference proceedings comprised
of select contributions will be published.


welcome your interest and would encourage you to enroll in the conference and
actively participate in it. Please visit our website www.2011asjmediaconnection.org
for the latest information and updates. Alternatively, please contact Mike
Hajimichael (hajimichael.m at unic.ac.cy)
or Holger Briel (briel.h at unic.ac.cy).
The deadline for proposals is 15 June


We look forward to welcoming
you at the University of Nicosia!  


University of Nicosia, Makedonitissa,
Nicosia, Cyprus.                  Tel.:00
357 22 352563   Fax 00 357 22 353682


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