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Time Out Budapest, issue 28, May 2011 

Feature: Art on the Lake (Szépművészeti Muzeum)
‘In addition to the practical question of how to adapt contemporary artworks to pond life, the artists in the show face the deeper challenge of how to rise above the banality of decorative sculpture and state-sponsored Europhilia to make a meaningful artistic statement.’ (MRF)

Review: Emese Benczúr, ‘See, don’t just look’ (Platán Galéria)
‘The artist’s appeal to viewers to ‘see and not just look’ reflects her critical attitude to consumer society and its effect in blinding city dwellers to deeper and higher realities.’

Review: Ádám Albert, ‘Never take a trip alone’ (NextArt Galéria)
‘Each man’s study has been boiled down to its essentials, stripped of unnecessary decoration and signification, to give a visual impression of creative essence.’

Review: Ryan Schneider (Deák Erika Galéria)
‘Stylistically his canvases are dominated by vivid colours and robust brushstrokes, and characteristically he uses words and sentences to accentuate the personal touch and deepen the connection with lived reality.’

In the Studio: Tamás Komoroczky
‘The flying carpet stories of the Middle East in that way bring us closer to unreality, the impossible and thoughts about dimensions.’

Art Editors: Maja and Reuben Fowkes
art at timeoutbudapest.hu

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