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Mon May 2 17:52:11 CEST 2011

A three day workshop about cultural topology, the dynamism of forms and
surfaces in relation to the transitory nature of reality, applicable to
Eastern/Western Europe and the Mediterranean area. Emphasis will also be
placed on the evolution of curating as a profession and its essential role
in social and cultural redefinition.

Art has described, reflected upon and even instigated certain internal
social and cultural dynamics in and around these territories. Art works in
an extra-disciplinary manner, without the necessity of self-justification,
which is often an obstacle for other divisions of knowledge. vessel aims to
focus on "artwork" going beyond simply the physical art itself and
transcending into reflections on the state of the world. In this context,
art is a useful device to measure a more general consciousness of the state
of global relationships. It helps us collectively think beyond the relations
and patterns that are typically and constantly imposed upon us.

The non-tangible nature of art influences contemporary art and the
protagonists involved in its development. The role of curator is in a phase
of redefinition and parallels the dynamically evolving nature of
contemporary art. vessel views the curator as a researcher who needs a place
both to carry out and present research. This is a very different role from
that of the art historian, whose principal task is to research particular
artistic movements or moments, to select examples and to present this
research within the conventions of a historical presentation. By contrast,
the curator uses his or her research as a tool to interact with reality
through art, resulting in a reflection upon contemporary society. vessel is
not focused on the nuances of particular exhibitions, but rather how
specific exhibition studies can serve as platforms for evaluation of broader
curatorial concepts.

For this reason, our methodology will be based on group activities focused
on individual case studies.  The core of these case studies will be
comprised of varying exercises dealing with secondary material concerning
the curatorial practice in relation to the overarching exhibition made in a
certain geographical area.

>From these activities, we will additionally create a database, which will
become the concrete formalization of the concepts that guide exhibitions.
This elaboration will allow deeper analysis of the research made by curators
for related exhibitions.

The workshop will be held by the Scientific Committee of Vessel* :*

*Charles Esche* – Director of Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven (Netherlands)
*Ilaria Gianni* – Writer and Curator
*Cecilia Guida* – Researcher and Independent Curator
*Denis Isaia* – Researcher and Curator
*Viktor Misiano* – Art Critic, Curator and Director of international museums
*Marco Petroni* – Art Critic and Curator
*Roberto Pinto* – Art Critic and Curator
*Viviana Checchia* – Researcher and Independent Curator
*Anna Santomauro* – Independent Curator

Deadline is May 15th, 2011.

Vessel is supported by the Apulia Region

Winner of the prize "Principi Attivi 2010 – Giovani idee per una Puglia


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