[artinfo] Arts cut down

Vicente Matallana vmatallana at laagencia.org
Wed Jun 22 17:45:52 CEST 2011

Hi again.

The idea is:

1.- find one person/organitation in each country whom could analyze the cut
downs in each country
2.- make a global report about the cut downs in the EU
3.- recollect signs/firms to be able to present to the EU commission;
persons and organization.
4.- find the commission in the EU of art and culture.
5.- take contact with them and promote a "question" for the parliament.
6.- wait to see if it makes any effect.
7.- if doesn't make any effect try to find another job, as horse breeding

For that we need volunteers in each country and maybe NETTIME could present
it to the parliament.


Vicente Matallana

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