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Feature: Mladen Stilinović (Ludwig Museum) 
‘What shines through Stilinović’s conceptual reflections on the changing social and political contexts of the last four decades is his unique sense of humour, which greets the visitor in the form of a cream cake suspended from the ceiling, while a witty frog croaks the art world’s favourite banal compliment, ‘great show, great show!’, on the way out.’  http://www.translocal.org/reviewsindex.html

Feature: Budapest @ Vienna Art Fair
‘From the entrance of the fair onwards the players of the East European commercial scene were highly visible, while at the epicentre of the fair was a large space with screenings of films by artists from the region and thought-provoking installations dealing with the history of the former Eastern Bloc.’

Review: California (Trafó Gallery) 
‘The California concept was billed as a referring to the state as a continuing symbol of promise, hope and freedom for self-realisation, yet was interpreted incredibly loosely by the rebels in the show. Nevertheless, just to say the word ‘California’ almost feels like a provocation in the current introspective climate – the mot juste from the press release is ‘latent Americanism’ - and the title itself is actually enough to sum up the contemporary critical spirit in Hungary.’

Review: Bálint Szombathy (Mai Manó House of Photography)
‘These Motion-Pictures rescued from the wastepaper basket of a regional newspaper office in communist Yugoslavia have more to say than ever about the disintegration and deconstruction of the tangible world and its revelation as a fragmented series of random visual signs.’

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