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Thu Jun 16 12:14:57 CEST 2011

On 14.06.2011, at 20:15, Andreas Broeckmann wrote:
 > Last Friday the new policy plans of the new Minister were announced 
and published and they are very dramatic in general for the whole field 
of art and culture in The Netherlands.
 > New Media Art Organisations in Netherlands lose funding.
 > The Dutch secretary of state for Culture in the Netherlands, Halbe 
Zijlstra, has published his policy plan for coming years. In contrast to 
the official recommendations given to him by the Culture Advisory Board, 
the cutbacks will not be spread out over a number of years, but will 
take immediate effect in 2013. The budget for visual art will shrink 
from 53,3 to 31 million.
 > Among the more damaging and destructive decisions is the complete 
cutting of funding for the six leading New Media Art Organsiations that 
produce, distribute and facilitate New Media Art;
 > -STEIM: Independent Live electronic music centre that is exclusively 
dedicated to the performing arts.
 > -De WAAG: Organisation & Worklab for old and new media, developers of 
open source tools, research & technology for the creative independant 
industry & intermediate between art, science and media.
 > -Worm: Rotterdam based laboratory, venue and studios for film, music 
and internet featuring concerts, new media events, screenings, 
production of film, music and software art.
 > -Mediamatic: software art projects, lectures, workshops & screenings 
aiming on the young generation of artists, designers & tinkerers.
 > -V2: interdisciplinary centre for art and media technology in 
Rotterdam, activities include organizing presentations, exhibitions and 
workshops, research and development of artworks operating in an 
international network
 > -NIMK: The Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) promotes the wide 
and unrestrained development, application and distribution of, and 
reflection on, new technologies within the visual arts. Since the 
Netherlands Media Art Institute came into being in 1978 an extensive 
collection of video and media art has been assembled, to which new works 
are constantly being added.
 >In the document one can read that Architecture, Design and eCulture 
are fusing together in a new fund called Creative Industry (something 
non of these sectors wants). ALL organization in the 3 domains won't 
receive any structural funding anymore in this plan BUT the new Fund, 
that is now being structured, will likely offer the change to 
organizations to get structural funding (2 to 4 years). But since this 
fund is not there yet and since they are having strong debates about the 
role and function, and program of this fund nothing is indicated about 
this fund in the published document.

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