[artinfo] For Sale: brief-cased superweed production equipment

heath bunting heath at irational.org
Fri Dec 16 13:38:23 CET 2011

For Sale: brief-cased superweed production equipment

Price: 1/2 ounce american gold eagle coin


Superweed kits are user assembling strategic bio-weapons,
designed to counter Monsanto's round-up-ready genetically modified canola

1000+ superweed kits were distributed worldwide between 1999-2003


The equipment used to manufacture these kits is
contained in a fake leather brief-case

The contents are:

1 x tea spoon (for seed measuring and mixing)
2 x desert spoons (for seed measuring and mixing)

16 x sealable plastic bags

2 x floppy disks (contents unknown)

9 x unfolded instruction leaflets

2 x unfinished superweed kits

2 x completed superweed kits

2 x sheets of superweed stickers

1 x herbiseed invoice
1 x bag of capsella bursa pastoris (315g)
1 x bag of raphanus raphanistrum (315g)
1 x bag of sinapis arvensis (230g)

1 x bag of round-up-ready canola (480g)

1 x bagged stolen canadian identity containing:

     1 x 5 canadian dollar bill
     1 x somerfield premier points loyalty card
     1 x edmonton public library card
     1 x telus call-me-service card
     1 x ICA membership card
     1 x ljudmila press card
     1 x alberta certificate of birth
     1 x monsanto partner card
     1 x extension universitaria student card
     1 x blockbuster video card
     1 x alberta treasury debit card

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