[artinfo] scepsi in the insurrection

franco berardi franberardi at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 20:10:22 CEST 2011


Financial capitalism is crumbling with impressive velocity, and the
social civilization built by labour and science during the modern
centuries, is in danger. Only cognitive work, indipendent from
financial capitalism will be able to save it. Building autonomy of
knwoledge from financial dictatorship is our political, scientific and
poetical task.

Paradoxically Europe comes back to the center of the world stage
thanks to the collapse of the European Union.
A decade of insurrectional conflict has began in Europe, because this
is the  place where the legacy of five centuries of Humanism,
Enlightenment and Socialism is at stakes. Indian and chinese workers
will join the insurrection when the emerging capitalist economies will
no more find buyers, because of the Western recession.
Therefore World Revolution is at hand as never before.
The voluntaristic folly of Lenin's communism ended tragically as it
deserved, leaving behind cynicism and despair.
But the collapse of Europe brings class back in the place where Marx
originally plaaced it: London is burning.

After preaching for twenty years competition and consumerism, mass
media are trying to discredit the young British rioters because they
want just to shop without paying. Young people have been dispossessed
of everything, future included. Now they start their rebellion
plundering want they need, but this is only the beginning, as they are
also cognitive workers.
Now they are insurging, then they will build a new world from scratch,
because only they can do it.

What is happening today will change the course of our lives and the
historical landscape. Bourgeois capitalism is over and a financial
dictatorship has taken its place, bringing destruction and misery.
Intellectuals are silent, unable to record and conceptualize the
ongoing apocalypse and imagine a future.
Someone has to do it. This is why we have created a European School
for Social Imagination just before the apocalypse.
SCEPSI will emanate projects of knowledge and innovation at the heart
of the coming insurrection.


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