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Feature: Risk Free Fun at the Venice Biennial
‘Overall, the slick professionalism and quasi-corporate tendencies at work in Venice mean nothing is left to chance, with fewer genuine surprises, but plenty of spectacular entertainment at this edition of the original global art extravaganza.’ http://www.translocal.org/writings/venice2011.html

Review: Site Inspection (Ludwig Museum)
‘This mildly narcissistic but entertaining exhibition at the Ludwig holds up the mirror of artistic critique to the museum, looking back at the bolshie attitude of the 1970s neo-avant-garde - who really believed in tearing down the walls of the institution – and highlighting the witty and self-critical interventions of contemporary artists, who recognise there’s no escape from the system.’

Review: Speaks for Itself (Hungarian National Gallery) 
‘This year the annual exhibition of Hungary’s Studio of Young Artists’ Association (FKSE) is being held not in a young and alternative exhibition venue, but in the grand premises of the Hungarian National Gallery, perhaps to remind viewers - and policy makers - that the young artists of today are also the old masters of the future.’

Review: Winter Garden (Ernst Museum)
‘The title of the Ernst Museum’s summer show is not meant to be ironic, but refers instead to the artistic fruits of an unseasonal economic and social climate in post-boom Japan.’

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