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Tue Apr 19 06:43:59 CEST 2011

 Greeting! I am an African-born art educator living in North America, and have been involved in arts projects in , , , ,  and . I write to invite you and the artists/ arts teachers in your sphere of influence to our upcoming 3-week professional development event in Ghana, the “2nd Kumasi Biennial Symposium: Community Arts in Focus”. Attached is the Call for Participation. Specifically, we are looking to make cross-cultural collaborations an integral part of our engagement with the  community.We ask that you please post, or distribute our call to those in your circle of contacts you think might be interested in this opportunity.

 The event is organized by Nka Foundation in cooperation with the Center for Cultural and African Studies ( of Science & Technology) and the Center for National Culture in . Here is the official Press Release: (http://www.prlog.org/11380002-ghana-2nd-kumasi-biennial-symposium-calls-for-participation-in-its-kumasi-curio-kiosks-ii-project.html ).

 I hope to meet you or your delegate at the symposium. 
Good wishes
Barthosa Nkurumeh, PhD. Project Director
Project Web Site: www.nkafoundation.org http://www.nkafoundation.org/ 

(Arts+ Architecture Social Experiment)
Kumasi Curio Kiosks II is a part of the 2nd Kumasi Biennial Symposiumthat will run from July 16 - August 6, 2011, as a response to the growing problem of widening gap between contemporary arts practitioners and the broader public across the sub-Sahara. As arts+ architecture social experiment, project is to bring together arts specialists, architects, and social interest groups from diverse parts of the world in a transnational platform to trade in cultural capital with the local public who might not normally come to theatre halls and art museums.
In the project, we will use Kumasi City-Abetenim rural spaces such as market places, local schools, and village centers, as empirical sites for curio kiosk workshops, artistic interventions, site-specific lectures, community theatres and other community-based approaches from around the world.Each participant or collaborating team will created own curio kiosk; the size/design is open to the subject-specific needs and site-specific necessities.We use the term "curio kiosk" in anticipation that the outward design or content will invoke curiosity and bear special attraction to the public.
Thus, we invite individual or group submissions for community theatre, media arts, readings, film screening, slide shows, open studios, visual activism, theatre/musical performances, community design, social architecture and others to allow the rural community to become acquainted with international contemporary artistic practice.Project is open to only serious applicants; submissions will be reviewed until July 8, 2011.Submit your curio kiosk proposal (sketches/description) to  info at nkafoundation.org  and/or  nkaprojects at gmx.com .Project web site is www.nkafoundation.org .And we seek as we go, nominations for the Project Curator and an expert in filmmaking/media arts, to do the DVD and create the e-publication.

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