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Francis Hunger francis.hunger at irmielin.org
Mon Apr 4 08:32:18 CEST 2011

Nothere is a visual research project about artists and communism. 
Simply put, I'm collecting artists and works that deal with communism 
and modernity - be it in a affirmative way or critically. I'm also 
looking for artists who where communists (at least for some time in 
their live) or who are still communists. That also includes 
anarchists, socialists and leftist progressive positions.


I would be happy to include more submissions into the website and 
looking for your suggestions. Although a fair amount of projects of 
the last years dealt with the transition processes in Eastern Europe, 
these are not exactly the focus. However, if you think your work fits 
into Nothere, let me know.

Looking forward you mails to francis.hunger at irmielin.org and comments.


Francis Hunger


ongoing research--------------http://nothere.irmielin.org
general website-------------------http://www.irmielin.org

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