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    Interactivos?'10 Belo Horizonte: High End Low Tech
    Call for Projects

*Deadline: September 30, 2010*
*Call for collaborators: October 20 - November 20, **2010*
*Dates of the workshop: November 21 - December 8, **2010*
*Projects Showcase: December 8 - 15, **2010*

/Interactivos?/ is an interactive projects production workshop and a 
space of reflection, research and collaborative work. In this new 
edition in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) a maximum of 8 proposals --local, 
national, and international-- will be selected. These proposals should 
develop and creatively apply simple and accessible technological 
resources in artistic and educational projects.

Those interested may apply until September 30 through the online form 
available at interactivos.marginalialab.com 

Activities will be guided by tutors Fernando Rabelo (Brazil), Kiko 
Mayorga (Peru), and Arturo Castro (Spain) --artists and educators with 
internationally renowned works, connected with important projects in 
development in fields related to the event's theme.

/Interactivos?'10 BH: High End Low Tech/ will also include a seminar 
with the participation of the instructors and invited collaborators, as 
a way to present and discuss different approaches about the proposed 
theme. At the end of the production workshop, the achieved results will 
be shown in a one week exhibition, enabling its access to the public. 
[+info] <http://medialab-prado.es/article/interactivos10_bh>

*More information:

Organizer: Marginalia+Lab y Ocupar Espaços, integrated in the Vivo 
Arte.Mov cultural program. Sponsor: Vivo through the Ley Estadual de 
Incentivo a la Cultura de Minas Gerais. Collaborators: Medialab-Prado 
and the Cultural Center of Spain in São Paulo. Interactivos? 
<http://medialab-prado.es/interactivos> is a platform developed by 

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