[artinfo] december 2. Forgotten Bar, Berlin, december 10.-11. Glogauair, Berlin

szigethy anna nap at freemail.hu
Sun Nov 28 20:24:26 CET 2010


Jesus Portal, Belén Rodriguez, Axel Koschier,
Heiko Pfreundt,  Phanos Kyriacou, Anna Szigethy, Teresa Solar Abboud, 
Javier Chozas, Lorenzo Sandoval 

THU. 2. DECEMBER , 6-10 PM

10967 BERLIN 9 artists from spain, germany, austria, hungary and cyprus left to their own devices, will relate their work
to the improviser´s talents of the intelligent, optimistic, laid-back, resourceful secret agent TV character
Angus Mac Gyver, Following the character´s idea to solve a range of problems on your own along with
 just tape and a swiss knife very spontaneously each artist´s work will create this very moment of confidence
 - that you can work with what you got. For those who didn´t trust Joseph Beuys, this show works it out as the Mac Gyver Problem. 
***** Open Studios at GlogauAIR10-11 December 2010 GlogauAIR (Artist in Residence Programme) - placed in Berlin-Kreuzberg - opens it´s doors to show the work of 13 artists who are currently in the residence programme. We invite everybody to visit the studios in which international artists exchange their individual experiences, techniques and ideas in a globalized context. 10.12. Friday Opening from 6 to 10 pm with Bar.         + Afterparty “GlogauAIR meetsRoderich” at Filmkunst Roderich, Glogauerstr. 19 11.12. SaturdayOpen from 5 to 9 pm Open studios is the opportunity to experience contemporary art in a vivid process - painting, film, installation, sculpture, photography and work in progress - discovering emerging artists, meeting them in their own spaces.This open studios exhibition shows the works of 13 international artists who came to GlogauAIR for either three or six months. As a non profit organization, GlogauAIR’s main aim is to create a dynamic of work and coexistence between artists from diverse social and geographical backgrounds, encouraging an exchange of ideas and an internationalization of individual projects. Open Studios represent the perfect opportunity to confirm that aim. Artists:TOSHIFUMI HIROSE(Japan),LORENZO SANDOVAL(Spain), BELÉN RODRÍGUEZ (Spain) JAVIER CHOZAS (Spain), KUNO EBERT (Germany), AXEL KOSCHIER (Austria), PHANOS KYRIACOU (Zypern), JUANMA MORENO (Spain), CEZARY PONIATOWSKI (Poland), JESÚS PORTAL (Spain), ANNA SZIGETHY (Hungary), TERESA SOLAR (Spain) und WITTE WARTENA (Netherlands).Hereyou can download the catalogue of Open Studios designed by the artists. Venue :  GlogauAIR  Glogauerstrasse 16
10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany    +49 30 612 2275  
info at glogauair.net    www.glogauair.net   public transport to the venue : U1 U-Görlitzer Bahnhof , M29 Stop Glogauerstr. 

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