[artinfo] 2B Pénteken 18:00 - kolbasz s bor

Alexander Schikowski alexschiko at web.de
Thu Nov 11 09:46:06 CET 2010

2010. november 12., pentek 18:00 -21:30 óra
12 November · 18:00 - 21:30

2B Galéria - 1092 Budapest, Ráday u.47

Created by: David Wilkinson, Bullet Shih
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to the finissage of Foreign Bodies / Idegen Testek at 2B Gallery. This
is the last chance to see this intriguing exhibition of painting,
sculpture, and installation from a selection of international artists.
We will be serving sausage and wine so please join us for a party.
Foreign Bodies / Idegen Testek...
invading army, an infection, an unholy god; manifestations of otherness
are uncomfortable, abject, even deadly. Often the ‘other’ is without
form, ungraspable, yet paradoxically seductive. The exhibition explores
different aspects of this otherness through video, drawing, and
sculptural installation within the safe boundaries of the art gallery.
Taking artists from London, New York, Budapest, and elsewhere the
exhibition seeks to challenge our ideas of what we might regard as home,
what we might regard as safe, and what we might regard as normal. Can
we allow for difference and retain a unique form or must we continue to
obsess over borders? The exhibition Foreign Bodies seeks to explore
these notions of this otherness.
John Tiney (UK),
David Wilkinson (UK/HU),
Bullet Shih (US/HU),
John Summers (US/UK,)
Fodor János (HU/DE),
Pacsika Rudolf (HU),
Alexander Schikowski (DE/HU)
Alexa Hoyer (DE/US),
Nannette Vinson (US/HU)


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