[artinfo] Medialab-Prado receives an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica 2010

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    Medialab-Prado receives an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica

_May 31, 2010_
*The production platform Interactivos? wins an Honorary Mention in the 
category of "Interactive Art" as a unique space for the collective 
creation of interactive installations.*

Since Interactivos? was held for the first time in 2006, it has had 
remarkable success with its open innovation model, in which ten ideas 
chosen through a public open call are developed by groups of 
collaborators from all over the world. They attend the workshop to 
contribute their knowledge to carrying out the projects. During the 
two-week workshop, a context for collective learning and living and 
working together is created that generates surprising results.

To date, 17 workshops have been held around the world adhering to the 
Interactivos? methodology, giving rise to over 150 projects including 
augmented reality games, data visualization, performing arts, 
experimental video games, and sound installations. Artists, designers, 
educators, researchers, scientists, sociologists, etc. have taken part, 
each contributing their varying types of knowledge and specializations, 
making a very productive and enriching learning and creation environment.

Ars Electronica has given annual awards since 1987 to the most 
outstanding projects in digital culture worldwide, including interactive 
works and installations, digital communities, sound art, and computer 
animation. In the case of Interactivos? from Medialab-Prado, an 
exceptional award was given to a platform for experimentation and 
collective creation of prototypes of interactive installations, whose 
success has been proved throughout nine international workshops held in 
various cities around the world (Madrid, New York, Lima, Mexico, Gijón 
and San Sebastián) over the past four years.

The next Interactivos? workshop will be held at Medialab-Prado from 7-23 
June 2010, titled *Interactivos?'10: Neighbourhood Science*

The call for collaborators will be open until June 4, 2010 (no 
registration fee).

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