[artinfo] Shanghai World Exhibition

Franck Ancel thepassenger70 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 20:02:58 CET 2010

Dear Friends, Colleagues,

In 2005, I used Internet in a plane to talk/create an event in 
relationship with the future World Exhibition in Shanghai. Now, I am 
looking for a developer on iPhone to imagine a new radical event 
while the opening of these universal planet's windows. Don't hesitate 
to contact me directly if you speak french and be interested in this 
project -- FA +33 676 470 610 ancelfranck at gmail.com


Franck Ancel is Zerographer. Craftsman of his life for nearly forty 
years, of which half has been spent on projects that can be definied 
in 20 connections: 1989-2009 / invisible-visible / 
architecture-environment / Kiesler-Polieri / neo-avant-garde / 
space-time / technology-science / language-form / network-data / 
history-memory / freedoom-love / screen-stage / sounds-colours / 
lighthouse-satellite / desert-island / community-being / 
body-mouvement / past-future / skin-soul / spirituality-poetic.

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