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Jameson Wallace mason at artafternext.com
Wed Mar 3 19:56:05 CET 2010

>DRHA 2010 Conference: Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts
>Sunday 5th September - Wednesday 8th September 2010
>Brunel University, West London
>CONFERENCE THEME: Sensual Technologies: 
>Collaborative Practices of Interdisciplinarity 
>The conference's overall theme will be the 
>exploration of the collaborative relationship 
>between the body and sensual/sensing 
>technologies across various disciplines. In this 
>respect it will offer an interrogation of 
>practices that are indebted to the innovative 
>exchange between the sensual, visceral and new 
>At the same time, the aim is to look to new 
>approaches offered by various emerging fields 
>and practices that incorporate new and existing 
>technologies. Specific examples of areas for 
>discussion could include:
>·       Delineation of new collaborative 
>practices and the interchange of knowledge
>·       Collaborative interdisciplinary practices of embodiment and technology
>·       Integration/deployment of digital resources in new contexts
>·       Connections and tensions that exist 
>between the Arts, Humanities and Science
>·       Notions of the 'solitary' and the 
>'collaborative' across the Arts, Humanities, and 
>·       eScience in the Arts and Humanities
>·       Use of digital resources in 
>collaborative creative work, teaching, learning 
>and scholarship
>·       Open source and second generation Web infrastructure 
>·       Digital media in time and space
>·       Music and technology: composition and performance
>·       Dance and interactive technologies
>·       Taking inspiration from SET: imaging, GPS and mobile technologies
>·       Evaluating the experience among 
>providers and users / performers and audiences
>·       Interface Design and HCI
>·       Performative Practices in SecondLife or other virtual platforms
>·       New critical paradigms for the conference's theme
>Confirmed Keynote Speakers:
>- Richard Coyne - Professor of Architectural 
>Computing at the University of Edinburgh.
>- Christopher Pressler: Director of Research and 
>Learning Resources and Director of the Centre 
>for Research Communications, University of 
>- Thecla Schiphorst: Media Artist/Designer and 
>Faculty Member in the School of Interactive Arts 
>Technology. <http://www.sfu.ca/>Simon <http://www.sfu.ca/>Fraser 
>University, Vancouver, Canada. 
>- STELARC, Chair in Performance Art at Brunel 
>University and Senior Research, Fellow in the 
>MARCS Labs at the University of Western Sydney.
>The DRHA (Digital Resources for the Humanities 
>and Arts) conference is held annually at various 
>academic venues throughout the UK. This year's 
>conference is hosted by Brunel University, West 
>London. It will take place from Sunday 5th 
>September to Wednesday 8th September 2010. It 
>will be held across various innovative spaces, 
>including the newly expanded Boiler House 
>laboratory facilities, housed in the Antonin 
>Artaud Building, and state of the art conference 
>facilities plus high standard accommodation.
>We invite original papers, panels, 
>installations, performances, workshop sessions 
>and other events that address the conference 
>theme, with particular attention to the 'Sensual 
>Technologies' focus. We encourage proposals for 
>innovative and non-traditional session formats.
>DRHA 2010 will include a SecondLife 
>roundtable/discussion event, led by performance 
>artist Stelarc, which will enable international 
>participants to present performative work via 
>Second Life. For this event, we particular 
>encourage submission of Machinima works that can 
>be screened as part of this panel.
>Short presentations, for example 
>work-in-progress, are invited for poster 
>Anyone wishing to submit a performance or 
>installation should 
>visit <http://www.drha2010.org.uk/>http://www.drha2010.org.uk for 
>information about the spaces and technical 
>equipment and support available.
>All proposals - whether papers, performance or 
>other - should reflect the critical engagement 
>at the heart of DRHA 2010.
>The deadline for submissions will be 31 March 2010. 
>Abstracts should be between 600 - 1000 words.
>Letters of acceptance will be sent by 15th of 
>May 2010, when the conference registration will 
>be opened.
>see <http://www.drha2010.org.uk/>http://www.drha2010.org.uk for 
>all relevant information and online submission.
>Ghislaine Boddington
>Creative Director

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