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Piet Zwart Institute
 Institute for Postgraduate Studies and Research
 Willem de Kooning Academy / Rotterdam University
 Master of Media Design and Communication : Networked Media
 Call for Applications
 Application Deadline: May 1, 2010
 We offer a Master programme focused on a critical engagement with the
 culture of the Internet and computer media, their artistic design,
 technology and theory; a small (20 students in total), English-taught,
 two-year full-time Master course with a multidisciplinary community of
 students and teachers, and a strong emphasis on personal contact and
 collaboration.  Our students, faculty members and guests come, among
 others, from the USA, France, Serbia, Italy, Austria, Pakistan, Turkey,
 and our 24/7 studio facilities allow you to make our school your
 workplace.  We offer a challenging programme with trimestrial thematic
 projects, theory sessions and a technical course.  Students receive
 strong tutorial support with weekly individual meetings with both staff
 and guests.
 Whether you are a graphic designer wanting to develop your digital media
 practice more thoroughly, an audiovisual artist interested in a more
 informed and self-made media practice, an architect interested in media
 as systems that impose social possibilities and constraints, a media
 activist wanting to develop both practical and theoretical tools of
 intervention, a computer and electronics experimenter wanting to sharpen
 her or his artistic concepts, a media artist/designer looking for
 research-oriented study in an international community of peers - this is
 what our programme makes possible.
 The study programme consists of a mix of theme-based projects lead by
 international media artists and designers, researchers and activists,
 theory sessions on arts, culture and media, a continuous technical
 introduction into media-oriented computer programming, personal
 tutorials and independent study. (For more details, visit our web site
 http://pzwart.wdka.nl/networked-media .) Next to practical media work,
 there is a strong element of critical writing for which you receive
 tutorial support and feedback.
 Some exemplary themes of our trimestrial projects are: What are open
 media, on- and offline?  What is publishing in the digital media age?
 Can one build media in hardware? Can we compare urban planning to
 programming and map it? Can we collectively design media according to
 game rules?
 In short, media design in this Master program strives for the creation
 of media, instead of creating with off-the-shelf and out-of-the-box
 technology. This is why Free and Open Source Software is an important
 element of our course, philosophically and technologically. Artistic  
 theoretical study and technological learning are the three core  
 aspects of the
 course that often overlap and lead to each other.
 Our faculty members and guests are practitioners and theoreticians in
 digital media, art and design. This year, the faculty members include
 Aymeric Mansoux (core tutor, member of the GOTO10 collective, PureDyne
 developer), Michael Murtaugh (interaction design, computer science
 graduate MIT Media Lab), Stock (hardware guru, former chief developer
 V2_Lab), Florian Cramer (course director and research professor for art,
 media and communication). Regular tutors include Renee Turner and Femke
 Snelting (Geuzen collective), Gordan Savicic (MODDR_Labs), Roel Wouters
 and Luna Maurer (graphic and media designers, co-authors of the
 Conditional Design Manifesto). The group of faculty members and guests
 varies every year, and we regularly invite external media practitioners,
 theoreticians and artists as guest tutors. For further information,
 please see
 Research Opportunities
 The Master course is affiliated to the international research programme
 Communication in a Digital Age at the Piet Zwart Institute. This project
 investigates the future of communication design in relation to the most
 current technological and social developments of media and
 communication. As a Masters student, you can attend all its conferences,
 lectures and workshops, have visiting research fellows as personal
 tutors, and contribute your own projects to its published research.
 Our past research publications include the anthologies "Software  
 (ed. Matthew Fuller, The MIT Press) and "FLOSS + Art" (ed. Aymeric
 Mansoux and Marloes de Valk, OpenMUTE).
 Students who will receive their Bachelor degrees in summer 2010 can
 already apply now.
 For application forms, application criteria and further information on  
 curriculum or public programme, please see
 http://pzwart.wdka.nl/networked-media/category/apply/application/ and
 contact Leslie Robbins: l.j.drost-robbins -at- hro.nl
 Piet Zwart Institute
 Postgraduate Studies and Research
 Networked Media
 Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University
 attn. Leslie Robbins
 P.O. Box 1272
 3000 BG Rotterdam
 The Netherlands
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