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e-artnow presents: Master of Research in Art & DesignKarel de Grote-Hogeschool

Sint Lucas Antwerpen
Sint-Jozefstraat 35
B-2018 Antwerpen

Admission interview: 01/09/2010 
Submission deadline: 27/08/2010 

For more information, please contact the coordinator, Wesley Meuris: wesley.meuris at kdg.be 

To enroll for the admission interview, please mail to: chris.cools at kdg.be
Karel de Grote-Hogeschool - Sint Lucas Antwerpen

Academic year 2010-2011
Admission interview: 01/09/2010
Submission deadline: 27/08/2010

Karel de Grote-Hogeschool Antwerpen
Sint Lucas Antwerpen
Sint-Jozefstraat 35
B-2018 Antwerpen
info at sintlucasantwerpen.be 

In the academic year 2010-2011, the Sint Lucas Higher Institute of the Arts Antwerp (Belgium) will organize a one-year postgraduate research program, 'Master of Research in Art and Design', for the fourth year in a row. The programme is composed of both practical and theoretical seminars and masterclasses, focusing on research in the visual arts, and is determined individually by each student in function of a personal, artistic research question. Guest professors and lecturers will guide the student throughout his or her artistic research project. In June, the result of this research will be evaluated by a number of intern and extern professionals and will be presented in a public exhibition. The Master of Research in Art & Design aspires to function as a platform, both transmitting and stimulating research in the field of the visual arts.

To enroll for this Master, the candidate has to present his or her research question to the admission board in an interview. The interviews will take place on September 1st 2010. Candidates must enroll for the interview before August 27th 2010.

For more detailed information, please contact Wesley Meuris, coordinator of the Master of Research in Art & Design: wesley.meuris at kdg.be. 

To enroll for the admission interview, please mail to chris.cools at kdg.be. 


The Master of Research in Art and Design is the perfect supplementary training to a Master of Art and Design. It offers the possibility of completing a 120-credit master's degree, which is certainly an asset in an international context. The Master of Research in Art and Design is also the right choice for students wishing to pursue their studies for another year or prepare for a PhD.

This Master-after-Master programme is unique in Flanders. It is intended for particularly gifted Masters graduates wishing to extend their studies in artistic research. This includes artists and designers, but also Masters graduates who can present a valuable artistic research project. The Master of Research in Art and Design offers students the space to further develop their insights and skills. Students' personal artistic development will be encouraged through the preparation of an individual and original curriculum. Of great importance is their research in the visual arts, whereby work process, methodology and reflection correlate with the artistic work. As a research and monitoring platform, the Master of Research in Art and Design aims to provide young researchers with the necessary support for the further development of their personal artistic project. Visiting lecturers from Belgium and abroad will provide the necessary critical feedback. The training will lead to a Master's degree recognized by the Ministry of Education. 

Guest professors 2008-2009: Karin Borghouts | Stijn Cole | Anne Daems | Michel Dewilde | Hans Op de Beeck | Maria Roosen | Els Vanden Meersch | Kris Vleeshouwer | Paul Casaer | Christophe De Jaeger | Herman Van Ingelgem

Guest professors 2009-2010: Guy Bovyn | Ana Torfs | Antoon Van den Braembussche | Sofie Van Loo | Ulrike Lindmayr | Stef Van Bellingen | Herman Van Ingelgem | Nico Dockx | Gundi-Rosa Ingmarsdottir | Yannick Jaquet


- the independent establishment or development of an individual artistic research project
- the special attention given to methodological research in the arts and the fact that this research process must be made publicly accessible
- innovation in the fields of art and design
- the confrontation of the artistic project with the professional sector
- an international context
- the ideal profile for a PhD in the arts, for an advanced training course or for a professional career in art and design


Artistic projects will be supported in this programme by a research question relevant to the students' visual work. The link established between methodological research and visual output is of capital importance. The research must involve a critical and reflective analysis of the project, and must be incorporated 'in' the artistic visual work. The focus on the individual project will be deepened experimentally in an actual context. Students will thus retain the openness and honesty necessary to question, redirect or redefine their own research.

The Master of Research in Art and Design notably prepares students for a PhD in the Arts. The training is intended for Masters graduates with outstanding research skills and who intend to pursue a career in the arts. Students will accomplish a year-long individual course with theoretical, research-methodological and art-related aspects. Under the supervision of both fixed and freely chosen visiting lecturers, students will set out a research programme which will also be explicitated in visual and/or written form. 


Students will find a way to make their research project widely accessible (visible and/or readable). Individual projects will be presented publicly by debating with fellow researchers and experts in the context of a specific artistic discourse. The dynamics and diversity of this Master's degree will depend on the students' input, their active involvement in the programme and any ensuing collaborations. 

Each year the programme coordinator invites three visiting lecturers who, thanks to their artistic practice, have developed a broad view of artistic research. They will challenge students five times a year, besides following their research. They will also be familiar with the theoretical programme. The theory will thus feed into the research and be inextricably bound to the artistic project. 


Students will establish their individual programme on the basis of their research question. Besides the Master's thesis (30 credit points), seminars, optional courses, methodology, workshops, lectures, debates and internships will form part of their personal artistic research. The department will ensure that approx. 20 credit points are devoted to general and theoretical training. 

Besides being followed by the fixed visiting lecturers, students will also have the opportunity to invite an expert who can contribute significantly to their research. Students are responsible for ensuring the expert's visit develops into an interesting interaction. This part of the students' research can consist of a public event: the student-expert collaboration can lead to a debate, a lecture, a publication, etc.


The Master of Research in Art and Design is intended firstly for candidates with a Master of Art and Design degree or an equivalent qualification. The admissions committee can depart from this requirement if there are sufficient grounds. However, a Master's degree or an equivalent qualification remains a prerequisite. 

In September, candidates will be invited to an interview with the admissions committee. Applicants will present their research question to a committee consisting of experts who will follow students throughout the year. The interview will give students the opportunity to demonstrate a relevant link between their research question and their visual work. The committee will evaluate the quality of the visual work and the potential of the research. A methodological work plan will be an advantage in this respect.  

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