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Narrative / Identity – Open Call for group exhibition

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Nicole Bebout & Sonja Hofstetter           


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Email submissions should be sent to submissions at artcurrents.org by Sept. 15th, 2010. 



'Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.'

Oscar Wilde


Narrative / Identity - Open Call for group exhibition


As a means of grappling with the flux of identity, narratives are a necessary part of individual and social constructs. Whether internal or external, narratives define how we see ourselves and others.

Which facts construct our identities?

Do we have a variety of identities and what makes us change them?

Is the identity we display in public different than our private one?

What happens if we take an identity of another person?

Does an ID or passport tell the most important things about us? If you don't have one does it mean you are invisible?

Does education and knowledge about society and politics change our identity?


For the first group show of 2011, February 3 – March 12, curated by Nicole Bebout and Sonja Hofstetter, The AC Institute seeks to investigate the ways in which narrative is used by contemporary artists to construct or demolish our ideas of self and other. Whether through guerrilla-like disruption, ambiguity or fantasy inspired story-telling, we are seeking artists who see narrative as essential to their artistic identity.


Focusing on experimental, installation, and new media work, AC seeks submissions from contemporary artists, and others, working in any medium. Artists are encouraged to submit work either already existing or as-yet unrealized that addresses the interlocking questions of narrative and identity; either at the level of social practice, contemporary representation, or both.


Email submissions should be sent to submissions at artcurrents.org by Sept. 15th, 2010. Please include the following in the body of your message (not as attachments):


-A short description and/or images of the work you are proposing for our spaces


-Your standard CV and contact information


-Links to your website or other sites where materials could be viewed, if possible





About AC Institute:

The AC Institute exists to advance art through investigation, research and practice. It is a lab for experimentation and a forum for critical discussion. Emphasizing emerging, international, and under-represented artists, the Institute develops projects across disciplines, exhibiting work deploying a variety of strategies for critical, experiential, and performative interventions in the field of contemporary art. In addition to publishing critical writing that pushes conventional expectations of meaning and objectivity, the AC Institute realizes off-site projects taking place at the edge of the art marketplace. Committed to an integrated vision of creative practice, Art Currents creates autonomous spaces to pursue experimental work. The AC institute is non-profit 501(c)3 under the Direction of Holly Crawford.


Since moving to Chelsea in September of 2008, AC has mounted numerous exhibitions and performances, participated in the 2009 Armory show with Critical Conversations in a Limo; collaborated with over 50 artists; and worked with various cultural organizations including Rhizome and Harvestworks to pursue its mission. We provide space, programming support, and certain A/V equipment. Please see our website for more information: www.artcurrents.org.



AC Institute [Direct]

547 West 27th street, # 610, 6th floor

New York, NY 10001

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