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art bike tour
Dresden-Prague-Brno-Bratislava-Budapest-Pecs-Banja Luka

15. - 30. September 2010

On September 15th Igor Sovilj, artist and cultural manager in the
Programme Cultural Managers from Central and Eastern Europe by Robert Bosch
Stiftung will drive the bycicle from Dresden in Germany to Banja Luka in
Bosnia and Herzegowina.

Artists, curators, cultural managers, gallerists from Germany, Czech
Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegowina or any other
country in Europe are invited to take part in this tour.

The art bike tour will have stops in Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Budapest,
Pecs (cultural capital of Europe for 2010) and Banja Luka and have
discussions with the local artistic communities. The local artists,
curators, cultural managers and other can join the tour.

The topics and the content of the discussions as well as the dynamics of
this tour will be decided by participants themselves and in the preparatory
phase of the tour.


igor.sovilj at moe-kulturmanager.de or
chanigorhuman at yahoo.com

DEADLINE : 1 August 2010

KUNSTURA - antiProject

- It relies not on public or institutional fundings but rather on
interpersonal solidarity
- It doesn´t bring big social changes but the personal changes of the
individuals participating in it
- It uses technology and contemporary ways of communication not to
alienate people from each other but to bring them closer
- Its content is not predefined and imposed, the participants decide it
themselves in the preparation period
- It questions the limits of the human social and physical body
- It questions the notion of time. Spontaneity is its important aspect

culture, arts, people & more
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skype: v_andrutz

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