[artinfo] Sotiri Prize 2010 FACING FEAR - Call for Applications

Paula Muhr paula_mik at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 13 19:56:09 CET 2010

Call for Applications

Visual artists under the age of 35 working with lens-based media are invited to
apply for Sotiri Prize 2010 until 15th April 2010. The works of shortlisted
artist, chosen by the curator of this year’s edition Paula Muhr, based on their
quality and relevance to the topic of the competition, will be shown in the
group exhibitions in Gallery of Arts in Korca and National Gallery of Arts in
Tirana, Albania. A jury of experts will choose the winner.
‘Sotiri’ is an international competition for young
photographers, organized by the Cultural Center Lindart&Anima (CCLA) in
Tirana, Albania aiming to support new developments in the field of photography,
both in Albania and internationally.
Relationships between Subjective Feelings and Social Norms 
Curator: Paula Muhr 
Keywords: alarm, anxiety, apprehension, conditioning, dread, fear, horror,
nightmare, panic attack, phobia, stress-related disorders, trepidation, worry 
We would like to ask the following questions:
	* How can emotional response of fear as subjective experience be represented in art in ways which are not self-evident and simplifying? 
	* Can an artwork offer critical insights and socially relevant comments on the “collective emotional standard of a society”? 
	* What are the customs of experiencing and expressing fear in today’s “Culture of fear” in which our subjective feelings of fear are ­­constantly amplified by the media? 
	* What are the most common types of fear today and what are their socially acceptable forms of expression?
We are looking for lens based artworks (photography,
moving images, slide installations etc.) dealing with the complexities of fear
as a contemporary social phenomenon with an emphasis on personal emotions or on
the effects of cultural conditioning. 
The preference will be given to those projects that consider the role of
photography and related media in constructing meaning to the experience of fear
and explore the dominant conventions of representation of fear and anxiety in
our culture.
In order to participate in the competition please send
the following application material:
- Name and surname, address, telephone, email and website (if applicable) 
- Project description – up to one A4 page
- CV with education, previous exhibitions, grants, awards etc – up to two
A4 pages
- Visual documentation of up to 15 images or video-stills in digital form
(JPEG, 72dpi, longer side max. 1200 pixel)
- Image identification list with technical details regarding your work
Deadline for
applications: 15th April 2010. 

Please send your application material to the following e-mail address: info at projekt56.com


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