[artinfo] Police arrest 23 activists in Zagreb

Bacaci Sjenki bacaci_sjenki at europe.com
Fri Feb 12 13:48:20 CET 2010

Police arrest 23 activists in Zagreb
Croatian Times
Police arrested 23 activists from Green Action, a non-governmental 
organization (NGO) for environmental protection, and "Pravo na grad" 
(Right to a City) association yesterday evening (Weds).
The reason was their blockade of Varsavska street in Zagreb's city centre.
The activists placed rubbish bins on the street to stop work on an 
underground garage entrance at the site where local entrepreneur Tomo 
Horvatincic is building a luxury shopping centre and apartments.
The activists claim the garage will damage the Varsavska pedestrian zone.
Six activists have been released, and the others are in detention at 
a police station for disturbing public peace and order.
Zagreb police station spokeswoman Aleksandra Ljuba claimed the police 
had only helped municipal services in their work.
Ljuba added that the activists had refused to move the bins that had 
caused a mess in the street.
Among the arrested was Zagreb actor Ursa Raukar.
The activists believe the police action was a political act, but 
police have dismissed that allegation.

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