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Deadline: Ongoing

Call for Applications

Artists Residency/Work Period/Seminar
Atelier Beeldend Vermogen

Wanting to spend some time in a quiet, rural environment to focus on what
really matters? Preparing a dissertation, recording your new album or
producing new art works?

Take the oppurtunity to apply for an art residency in Walkenried, Germany

To be able to focus on your artistic mission and - dependent upon your
individual needs - to make possible different societal sculptures among
residents, we are accommodating various in time limited options arranged
in one to three week periods, throughout the year.

Residents are housed and lodged in an 19th century 'Haus", with two indoor
studios and two outdoor studios to work in, presentation room, places to
relax and community rooms to share, WiFi Internet, kitchen, heating
(wood), private carpark and garden. Brushes, paint, specific equipment and
specialized personal tools to be brought with you, or aquired at the spot.
Use of music room with Grand piano, Steinweg organ and small pipe organ at
additional costs.

Located in the small village of Walkenried, Germany, Europe at the south
edge of the beautiful Harz Mountain Region (European Nature Park) between
Kassel (115 km), Hannover (129 km) and Leipzig (165 km)

How to apply?

Use our submission management system:

Submit: http://nictoglobe.submishmash.com/Submit


send an email with your detailed proposal to:
art-residency-walkenried at nictoglobe.com

Proposal have to include at least the following:

¢ Duration and period,
¢ Number of participants
¢ Description of project,
¢ Name(s) of participant(s),
¢ Art discipline,
¢ Institutional support if applicable,
¢ Contact person personalia.

Accommodation Costs:

250,00 Euro: one week, one participant,
950,00 Euro: three weeks, four to five participants:

To protect our vulnerable musical instruments the music studio is charged
on a weekly usage basis:

75,00 Euro: one week,
250,00 Euro: three weeks:

Different arrangements and or longer periods on demand

Suitable for bigger groups, seminars or workshops

Location adress: Harzstrasse 21, Walkenried, Germany

Easy reachable by train (Hannover, Kassel, Leipzig) and car

Andreas Maria Jacobs - Organizer

email: ajaco at xs4all.nl, a.andreas at nictoglobe.com

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