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English Master Program: Call for Applications

University College Ghent - Faculty of Fine Arts (KASK)





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University College Ghent

Faculty of Fine Arts (KASK)

Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2

9000 Ghent

Belgium            Info

English Master Program

Academic Year 2010-2011 

Application deadline:

1 September, 2010 

Meeting with orientation committee: second week of September, 2010 



English Master Program


In the master's year, KASK offers students moving on from bachelor's program
in visual and audiovisual arts a chance to grow as artists or designers.
Giving your artistic process further direction and substance is central.
Students who have completed the three-year bachelor's program are invited to
complete their own master's project. The substance of this artistic master's
project is embedded in a framework of extensive possibilities for
reflection, research and consultation. In the master's program, the
opportunity to make artistic choices within a solid supporting framework is
strongly emphasized. 


The master's programs of KASK include:


Master of Visual Arts

fields of specialization :

Fine Arts

Painting, Drawing, Sculpture,

Installation Art, Media Art

Textiles Design



Graphic Design

Graphic Design, Graphic Arts,

Web & Interactive Design, Illustration

Multimedia Design


Master of Audiovisual Arts

fields of specialization :

Animation Film



Studying in Ghent


The Ghent Academy is one of the oldest in Belgium. The Royal Academy of Fine
Arts (Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten, or KASK) is one of 13
faculties of the University College Ghent, the largest independent college
in Flanders and its third-largest institution for higher education. The
University College Ghent is a member of the Ghent University Association,
which supports close working relationships with Ghent University. In
addition to visual and audiovisual arts, the University College Ghent also
offers study program in drama, interior design and cultural management.


The KASK campuses, Bijloke and Kunsttoren, are at the epicenter of Ghent,
the cultural capital of Flanders. This haven at the heart of the historic
city is very welcoming to students. Ghent is very receptive to the
international art scene. Just a stone's throw from the KASK campuses are the
Vooruit arts centre, the S.M.A.K. (Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art) and
the Higher Institute for Fine Arts (H.I.S.K.).


In addition to being imbedded in this artistically rich environment, KASK
itself is a cultural actor, organizing exhibitions (including KIOSK),
festivals (including the One Minutes Belgian Open film festival), weekly
lectures and film presentations, and co-producing the international art
magazine, A Prior (www.aprior.org). 


All of this makes it easier for students to take an active role in the art
and design world and establish careers of their own. KASKweek, a festive and
public presentation of master projects, concludes each academic year. All
the activities mentioned above are open to the public. As a prospective
student, you are always welcome to sample the atmosphere and energy of KASK
activities and meet our students and instructors.





Before you can apply for the master's program in visual or audiovisual arts
on the basis of a foreign diploma or degree, you must be registered with the
University College Ghent central students' administration. Foreign
candidates who require a student visa in order to study in Belgium must
contact the central students' administration (contact
katrien.vanacker at hogent.be). Once your application is approved, you can
continue the process of applying for the program.


Prospective applicants for the master program who have questions can
directly contact the KASK program counsellor: pascal.desimpelaere at hogent.be.
Application forms can be downloaded from our website www.kask.be (select


Prospective candidates for a PhD who have questions can directly contact the
KASK research coordinator: katrien.vuylstekevanfleteren at hogent.be. 


Candidates interested in joining a student exchange program with KASK can
contact our international office: international.kask at hogent.be. 

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