[artinfo] walking men

Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Mon Apr 12 19:10:19 CEST 2010

1. Grab your camera. Any camera can be used for 
this mission, but if possible please use the most 
advanced equipment available.
2. Photographers are advised to take a picture in 
day-light conditions to avoid blur and movement 
(shooting at night requires a tripod).
3. Pre-set your camera to capture the largest image possible
4. Identify the 'walking man' in the pedestrian 
traffic-light near you, position yourself in 
front of the traffic light (please do not locate 
yourself directly under the traffic light to 
avoid optical distortion. Shooting against the 
sun is also not recommended).
5. Zoom-in as close as possible on the figure 
without causing a blurry side-effect (which can 
be prevented in wider frames)
6. BE AWARE and careful of traffic!
7. Wait for the Walk / Green signalŠ
8. Click! (a few times)
9. If possible take one more image of the red 
stop-sign that follows, and Click a little moreŠ
10. Submit your Walking Men by following this 
link to Upload Images, or by emailing:

info at walking-men.com HK Example

11. Don't forget to tell us about the location of 
the image (City & Country), as well as you full 
name and your contact information.
12. Help the community grow! Just forward this 
link to anyone who could and would contribute.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Mucho Gracias, Merci Bouquet, Toda Raba and of-course THANK YOU!!!
Your efforts are greatly appreciated.




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