[artinfo] Center for Interdisciplinary Memory Research, Essen

Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Tue Sep 22 11:26:22 CEST 2009

During the past two decades memory research has established itself as 
an exemplary interdisciplinary research effort at the interface of 
the natural sciences and the humanities. Its themes and findings have 
moved beyond the confines of specialist discussions in particular 
disciplines to come into the spotlight of public debate.
In the humanities the heightened interest in memory research derives 
from the accelerated dynamics of change in modern societies, which 
make it necessary to reaffirm identities constantly through reference 
to the past and to stores of memories.
  Interdisciplinary memory research is not just necessary from the 
standpoint of scientific inquiry. In view of the foreseeable 
demographic shift in aging modern societies, interdisciplinary memory 
research is also a social necessity. In the decades to come 
memory-related health problems like dementia and Alzheimer's disease 
will increase markedly.
The Center is currently engaged in research on the formation of human 
memory, on the transmission of memories from one generation to the 
next, on the long-term effects of collective experiences of violence 
and on interdisciplinary methodologies.


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