[artinfo] Digital Fringe 2009 international call for artworks

Simeon Moran simsite at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 11:04:20 CEST 2009

*Digital Fringe 09 Call for submissions

Digital Fringe* is now open for video, image, and audio submissions

Ferret around your hard drives, dig out those gems and have your work 
seen on hundreds of public screens across the world!

Get your entries in by 14th September to be included in the festival DVD.

Check digitalfringe.com.au for submission info

Digital Fringe is an open access public arts festival that places 
contemporary screen based media in public locations. It provides 
artists with access to an extensive network of hundreds of public 
screens and non-traditional audiences throughout Australia and the 
world. Screening venues receive a playlist curated from the diverse 
visual works of animation, abstract, video art, short film, 
machinima, motion graphics, photography and stills submitted to the 
Digital Fringe festival via our website - digitalfringe.com.au. Login 
and upload your works.

In keeping with the Fringe Festival charter, Digital Fringe is open 
access and accessible to emerging and established artists, 
particularly those working in screen based and new media. Submissions 
are received from all around the world: from professional artists to 
bedroom doodlers and everybody in between. Artists maintain control 
of their own copyright.

Screening venues range from busy bars and cafes, bustling shopping 
centres, walls of TV's in electrical stores, State and regional 
libraries, art galleries, and cultural institutions, suburban shop 
fronts and on massive urban screens in public plazas like Melbourne's 
Federation Square. Digital Fringe screens are also appearing in 
outback Australia, and across the Americas's, Africa, the UK and 
Europe. All submissions also play on the Digital Fringe website.

Produced by Horse Bazaar with assistance from Film Victoria and 
Melbourne Fringe, Digital Fringe 09 will create a web of screen art 
in public space across Melbourne, Regional Australia and the world!

If you know of other screens that can play Digital Fringe and be part 
of our network email us - screens at digitalfringe.com.au

Simeon Moran
0402 514 017
simeon at horsebazaar.com.au
Horse Bazaar 397 Lt Lonsdale St
Melbourne 3000
03 9670 2329

www.horsebazaar.com.au www.digitalfringe.com.au

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