[artinfo] You may not have heard about us. We're Independent Collectors.

Csóka Edina ecsoka at mucsarnok.hu
Mon May 11 09:41:39 CEST 2009

More than 1.400 collectors from all over the world are already registered and have uploaded thousands of artworks from their private collections to share them with other collectors. So, actually, you might have heard of us, somewhere along the lines. 

In case this is completely new to you, let us introduce ourselves quickly ...

At Independent Collectors we want to enable collectors to meet other collectors from around the world, to discuss artists, galleries and events, to showcase their own collection and manage their network of personal contacts. Some say collectors prefer to hunt alone. We think that the number of registrations indicates: This might be a myth.

What's wrong with collecting?

If you live in Germany, France, the UK or the USA, you will probably feel very much at home collecting contemporary art. But try moving to Lithuania, South America or Korea! It's a different story in other countries altogether. While galleries are prepared to present to you selected artists from such 'remote' countries, the collectors there also have very interesting experiences and insights to share. So if you always wanted to get a collector's point of view on foreign scenes, there are collectors from 63 nations registered at Independent Collectors, willing to exchange opinions. (Just have a peak at the discussion forums.)

What else is there?

Glad you asked. There is the first international gallery rating based on how collectors characterise the galleries they do business with. There is the event calendar, listing the most important, international contemporary art events and, maybe even more importantly, which collectors will attend. Every once in a while, we select a featured exhibition from the private exhibitions of our members. We are able to extend special offers for fair visits to our members on a regular basis. Together with our members we arrange meetings and dinners in different cities . Want to be part of it all? 

Register now. It's free: http://www.independent-collectors.com

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