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LADA project presents: ALMOST NOTHING

Temporary City - Pecs, Hungary / organized by: Kozelites Muveszeti  
Egyesulet / Approach Art Association

In the framework of the Temporary City project, LADA will flood the  
interior of the space at its disposal in strong purple light ?  
following the example of Berlin?s rentable empty shops, with the  
obvious objective of arousing interest.
In the almost, yet not quite, empty space, where a subdued, dim,  
crackling noise can be heard continuously (the sound of fire with  
guitar-tunes seeping in), text-based works (messages manifestos) will  
be scattered, warning of the distortions of our society, our abstract  
values, and the importance of our lives and decisions.
Marked by the ? strongly contrastive ? light and sound that fills, or  
rather leaves the space empty, the mostly text-based works function  
with minimal devices, but all the more effectively.

exhibiting artists: Ian An?ll, Marc Bijl, Hajnal Nemeth, Janos Sugar,  
Szacsva y Pal

sound ambience: Peter Lowas

15-24 May 2009
vernissage: 15 May, 19:00
Kiraly utca 42. Pecs

2 musical performances ? based on Hajnal N?met?s idea :

TUNING / 16. May, 16:30, performed by Tunechestra ? an ad-hoc formation

RECORDED / 16 May, 17:00, performed by Gabor Nemes

Kiraly utca 42. Pecs

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