[artinfo] Fwd: EyeDraw project

Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Tue Mar 31 09:10:00 CEST 2009

>>EyeDraw is a research project at the  University of Oregon that 
>>enables users to draw pictures   solely with the use of their eyes. 
>>The project started in the summer of 2003.
>>An eye tracker is used to detect eye   movements and that data is 
>>interpreted by the application in   order to allow users to click 
>>on buttons, choose starting   and ending points, and save and 
>>retrieve drawings.
>>The picture to the right shows an   early version of EyeDraw and a 
>>drawing created by one of its developers. The challenge is to 
>>provide an intuitive and plausible way for users to intentionally 
>>place shapes on the canvas. This requires the program to 
>>distinguish between   when a user is "looking" and when they are 
>>EyeDraw is being designed for children and teenagers with severe 
>>mobility impairments. Although other software exists for them to 
>>type and read, a drawing program will be new for these users.
>>- - - - -
>>An executable and source code are available for free download.

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