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Electroacoustic Music and Electronic Arts


A) Electroacoustic Music Part
This part is devoted to assist in the creation and the promotion of
electroacoustic music and the composers at the international level,
the dispersion of the different fields of sound and musical creation,
the valorisation of works and development of their careers.

The Section I: Residence
The section's objective is to contribute, by mean of rewards, to young
laureates training, travelling in the musical environment and
confrontation/discovery of new techniques and aesthetics in different
cultural environments and under new horizons.
The Section II: Trivium and Quadrivium
The objective for this section is to support work creation, to promote
composers and sonic artists, to disperse their works, and to develop
their career.
The Section III: Magisterium
The objective for this Section is the promotion of established
entrants and the diffusion of works that might become milestones in
the history of electroacoustic music development.

B) Electronic Arts Part
The purpose of this Part is to discover and promote the rich and new
sound fields of practice and means of expression and technology today.
It is devoted to the practice related to actual tendencies in
experimental, digital and electronic arts and sound design, being
different from electroacoustic music but parallel and frequently put
in multi disciplinary projects.
Through these 3 categories, the objective of the Competition is to
reveal and to promote remarkable works and experimental productions
that have emerged from different movements and stages and of creative

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