[artinfo] Call for Student Group Collaborations

Csóka Edina ecsoka at mucsarnok.hu
Tue Mar 3 12:01:34 CET 2009

e-artnow presents: Call for Student Group Collaborations


      Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris with Leeds Metropolitan University
      14 rue Bonaparte
      Paris, France

      Civic Quarter,
      Calverley St,
      LS1 3HE, UK
      Phone: +44(0)7986084697
      Contact: Ashley Dean
      ashleydean at brokenpixel.co.uk



We announce the online project, entitled CollaborationTransmission. CT aims to link students of art academies, university cultural departments, or independent organisations, to collaborate through the space of transmission. 

www.collaborationtransmission.com is designed to be operational as an open forum built upon the self-initiating principle of broadcast live TV; the online provision of both the discussion and production of collaborative works and independent initiatives. Originating in the agreement between students from C.A.G.D, Leeds Metropolitan University, Faculty of Arts and Society (from the Masters Programme in Contemporary Art, Curating and Graphic Design) and students from E.N.S.B.A., the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris (Atelier Guillaume Paris) CT was conceived as a simultaneous process of televising / streaming debates and performances generated in experimental actions and organised events arising out of workshops led by Peter Lewis and Guillaume Paris. CT describes its space of production as the imagined reproduction of works, configured through a series of transmissions of real time events / live actions. CT is interested to invite new collaborations and partnerships between student groups, specifically through its broadcast as www.collaborationtransmission.com. CT believes that it is possible to establish many other kinds of collateral projects via the immediacy of its mode of production online. CT seeks to incorporate new models of student self- organisation, by open access to / from its group members and constituencies. CT provides and facilitates as a time-specific platform for articulating new metaphors for an art and design practice, suggested through electronic transmission. 

Contact us for more information on  www.collaborationtransmission.com . To transmit and receive, you will need to set up an account under your designated group name.

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