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Subject: THE NEW PLACE FOR ART & CULTURE: artaculous.com ! 


we are an international art networking startup and we are looking for
ambitious artists and enterprises. We would like to invite you to
our FREE and complimentary art networking
platform on http://artaculous.com/ .

There you will get the opportunity of presenting YOUR ART / SERVICE / WORK
publicly or on a private basis, as well as conducting an active networking
with other artists, doers or interested parties. If you have any questions
or comments don't hesitate to contact us.

A list of things our site offers:
    * widget based, fully flexible user/group/company profiles
    * an own handy subdomain like: <your username>.artaculous.com etc.
    * connections/friendship between user profiles
    * relationship management, friend collections and privacy settings
    * messaging between connected users
    * realtime chat function between connected users
    * a search function, which enables to search for other users
      as well as resources within the platform
    * photo albums (unlimited free space available)
    * storage for data of all kinds (unlimited free space available)
    * groups/discussion panels
    * blogs (online diaries, journals)
    * event calender
    * bookmarks for intern as well as extern resources
    * structured content pages
    * free editable widget- based profiles and dashboards
    * polls
    * classifieds

If you have problems setting up your profile or need help with sth. just
on "contact" at the bottom of the website or send us an email.

Best wishes
Your artaculous Team

(c) 2009 artaculous Ltd.
- http://artaculous.com/

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