[artinfo] workshops in Russia

by way of Janos Sugar petrjo at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 00:02:12 CEST 2009

Dear friends,

this summer we are organizing in collaboration with Rodchenko Moscow 
School of Photography and Multimedia four workshops in different 
regions of Russia and we glad to invite you to participate!

The following workshops to be organized:

-       Izhevsk (1000km from Moscow). In cooperation with Izhevsk 
musical centre and participation in folk expedition to Udmurtia. 
Approximate dates are 5-14 July.
Organizers will take part of expenses (transfer at the territory of 
Russia Federation, accommodation, board). Final conditions to be 

-       Mishkin on Volga (270 km from Moscow). The main part of the 
program relates to local printing house of hand setting. We hold it 
together with Moscow School of Graphic Design. Approximate dates are 
16-28 July.
All expenses for ourselves. Full price (transfer, accommodation) will 
be published soon.

-       Nizhny Novgorod (430km from Moscow). We work in cooperation 
with Nizhny Novgorod branch of National Center for Contemporary Arts. 
Approximate dates are 5-15 August.
Costs for transfer and board - for ourselves, free quadruple 
accommodation, single and double rooms for payment.

-       Sakha, Yakutia (5300km from Moscow - gold fields). 
Approximately August - September. All costs at the territory of 
Russia Federation (transfer, accommodation, board) by organizers.

The list of participants for Izhevsk, Mishkin and Nizhny Novgorod 
will be formed till the middle of June and for Sakha, Yakutia - till 
the end of June.

For further information please contact Vladimir Kupriyanov 
(vk.01.54 at mail.ru) or me (mail at petrjoukov.ru).

Best regards,
Petr Joukov.

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